Print You Won’t Believe Until You See and Feel It…The Secret Weapon of Leading Print Shops

Print You Won’t Believe Until You See and Feel It…The Secret Weapon of Leading Print Shops

Printing in 2017 is a completely different animal to the print we used to know in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Today, with the modern marvel of digital printing technology, we are able to achieve effects on printed materials that in the past took many different processes, considerable time, harsh chemicals and an increase in investment over the typical printed piece to make it happen.

We are talking about embellishments like hot and cold foil, the addition of crystals, flat varnishes, glossy coatings and dimensional inks that create a standout experience. As technology improves with time, the opportunity to use the aforementioned effects has increased—and it doesn’t hurt that it has also become easier to do and more affordable.

Digital printing technologies and in-line finishing add-ons like those found from the Scodix Ultra Series of presses creates a unique value proposition and competitive advantage for print shops that you really have to see—and feel—to believe. But the key is the “in-line” and digital printing aspect. Scodix has pioneered the ability to add embellishments in an easy-to-use, cost-effective, high-quality and modular approach that interfaces with their Scodix Ultra and Ultra Pro series of digital presses. The flexibility gives print shops a secret weapon to create dimensional print effects, textures, holographs and foil applications, just to name a few.

For many print shops, it has attracted new clients with well-known brands. Hera Printing Corp., in San Juan was able to sign Bacardi as a client by letting them see and feel the power of the Scodix digital press they had installed in their shop. Bacardi was looking for a printed poster that would celebrate the famous drink Cuba Libre. The dimensional print effects literally transformed their print poster to a true toast, coming off the page, to the iconic drink. And because it was being done completely within Hera Printing, and on one Scodix machine, the price and time to complete the project was not only reasonable, but an easy decision for Bacardi.

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