Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress (BM-e ExPress)

Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress (BM-e ExPress)

In-Line / Off-Line / Near-Line

The Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress (BM-e Express) is the world’s first In-Line booklet making solution tailored to HP Indigo 5500, 5600 and 7000 Series Digital Presses.

  • Fully symmetrical machine
  • Stitch Fold Trim up to 120 page booklets
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • In-operation adjustments
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Product Overview

Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress (BM-e ExPress)

In-Line / Off-Line / Near-Line

The Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress (BM-e Express) is the world’s first In-Line booklet making solution tailored to HP Indigo 5500, 5600 and 7000 Series Digital Presses. This solution is based on the award-winning Bourg Booklet Maker (BM-e) and Bourg Bleed Crease Module (BCM-e) engineered to operate seamlessly with the right-to-left paper path and Duplex 2-up formats of HP Indigo presses.

The BM-e ExPress delivers fast turnaround times and effortless, set-secure production of booklets, reports and other confidential documents for transaction processing applications in medical, education and financial services and other finished products with unparalleled quality while improving finishing speed, efficiency and flexibility.

Aimed at stitch-fold-trim finishing production in digital on-demand and web-to-print environments, the BM-e ExPress is able to operate “24/7” at the full-rated speed of the HP Indigo 5500, 5600 and 7000 Series Digital Press(5000 booklets/hour). Since the booklet maker is fully integrated, automated and synchronized with the HP Indigo Press, it can produce ultra-short run jobs quickly with superb quality and guaranteed set integrity, without operator intervention.

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Features Advantages Benefits
Fully symmetrical machines
  • The paper-path can follow either a right to left process or a left to right process
  • The paper-path direction can be changed after installation
  • The BM-e ExPress works In-Line with multiple press and printers
  • Flexibility to change the In-Line press/printer
Stitch Fold Trim up to 120 page booklets
  • Stitch fold trim up to 30 sheets (80 gsm) 120 page booklet
  • Stitches up to 60 sheets without folds
  • Ability to process jobs with more content
Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • User-friendly industrial grade color touch screen
  • Single GUI for entire finishing line can be connected wirelessly to any tablet, smartphone or computer.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Control your entire finishing remotely
  • Remote diagnostics, statistics and much more
In-operation adjustments
  • Job adjustments can be performed via the GUI “Run” menu
  • Fine tuning adjustments of stitch, fold, trim while BM-e is in operation
Bleed trim function
  • Sheets entering the BCM-e are registered and both lateral strips are cut
  • Bleed trim function may be bypassed
  • Removes white borders of digitally printed sheets
  • Capable of correcting printing imperfections with asymmetric trimming
Crease function
  • Highest quality knife creasing at top speeds
  • Crease function may be applied to cover, all sheets, or bypassed
  • Optimal productivity creasing
  • Allows the booklet maker to fold without breaking paper grain (especially for heavy covers)
  • Allows for different creasing depth (to adjust creasing for paper weight)
Stitch fold module
  • Automatic stitch head adjustment
  • Heads can be disengaged
  • Unique folding belt technology applying a maximum pressure of 300 kg (661 lbs) via book press
  • Automatic top, corner, side, or saddle stitching
  • Flatter booklets
2 to 4 stitch heads
  • Hohner or Deluxe heads
  • Large range of stitching possibilities
DELUXE head features
  • Tool-less cassette replacement
  • Plug & Play stitch heads
Purge feature
  • Automatic ejection of faulted jobs enabling continuous production
  • Minimal time loss for faulty jobs
Eject tray
  • Secondary exit for jobs that do not require folding
  • Enables ejection of faulty jobs
  • Multipurpose secondary exit
  • Can be used as small stacker
Visible straight paper path
  • Complete job visibility
  • Ease of intervention and traceability
Waste bin
  • Up to 4 hours of capacity in operation
  • Can be emptied while machine is in operation
  • Easy and efficient waste disposal
Loop Stitch
  • Hohner can accommodate a loop kit
  • Offers extra stitching possibilities
  • Ideal booklet binding style for bound material meant to be inserted and used in a ring binder
Trim module
  • Self-adjusts to book thickness
  • Blade-against-blade trimming
  • Fully automated trimming
  • Highest quality cuts
Barcode reader capabilities 1D and 2D
  • Automatic integrity check
  • Automatically process variable data jobs
  • Automatic job setup
  • Guaranteed job integrity
  • Saves time configuring/processing variable data jobs
Interface Feeder Booklet maker (IFB)
  • Automatic ejection of job in case of double feed or wrong barcode
  • Minimal time lost to faulted jobs
  • Enables manual feeding of faulted jobs


Maximum speed 5,000 sets/hour
Minimum input sheet size 420 x 280 mm (16.53 x 11.02 in)
Maximum input sheet size 482,6 x 330 mm (19.00 x 12.99 in)
Paper weight 60 to 350 gsm
SAddle stitching
Minimum output booklet size 210 x 230 mm (8.26 x 9.05 in)
Maximum output booklet size 216 x 330 mm (8.50 x 12.99 in)
Booklet thickness (with fold and cut) 2 to 30 sheets of 75 gsm or equivalent (cover included)
TOP/side stitching
Booklet thickness (without fold nor cut) 2 to 55 sheets of 80 gsm or equivalent (cover included)
Booklet thickness (fold and cut) 2 to 30 sheets (8 to 120 pages) of 75 gsm or equivalent (cover included)
Face trimming 0 to 25 mm (0 to 0.98 in)
Bleed function
Top & bottom cut 4 to 25,4 mm (0.15 to 1 in)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 518,8 x 71 x 155 cm
(204.25 x 27.95 x 61.02 in)
Weight 845 kg (1,862.94 lbs)
Delivery conveyor of the BM-e 87 cm (34.25 in)
Power supply 120V ±10%, 60Hz, 8A
230V ±10%, 50Hz, 5A
Operational mode of the BM-e
Power consumption 1,675 W
Radiant heat 5,700 BTU/hour
Sound level 70 dB
Operational mode of the BCM-e
Power consumption 1000 W
Radiant heat 3,500 BTU/hour
Sound level 70 dB


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