Bourg Binder BB3002 PUR-C


C.P. Bourg is the first manufacturer worldwide to use the PUReONETM compact adhesive system with applicator from Nordson.

  • Adapts all features automatically to the thickness of each job
  • Binds from 1 to 60 mm (0.04 to 2.36 in)
  • User-friendly industrial grade color touch screen
  • Check that the cover has been taken
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Product Overview

Bourg Binder BB3002 PUR-C


C.P. Bourg is the first manufacturer worldwide to use the PUReONETM compact adhesive system with applicator from Nordson. This solution has been successfully integrated into the Bourg Binder BB3002 PUR-C and creates a cost-effective and high-performing perfect binder.

The combination of the C.P. Bourg and the Nordson advanced technology offers many advantages: a consistent and reliable performance with precise dispensing of the PUReONETM glue, clean cut-off and the highest quality creasing; an increased productivity by reducing clean-up and shortening start-up/shutdown times; deliver production flexibility by having a binder automatically adjusted to the thickness of each job up to 60 mm (2.36 in); an easy to use color touchscreen interface (GUI) which controls all functionalities, and lower production costs by reducing waste and adhesive usage.

The BB3002 PUR-C, with its 2 to 4 kg adhesive melter, is ideal to produce on-demand full-color print books such as perfect bound photo books. The BB3002 PUR-C also allows quick production of handouts by offering the possibility to change to EVA / hot melt gluing system.


Features Advantages Benefits
Fully automated binder
  • Adapts all features automatically to the thickness of each job
  • Ideal for variable data jobs varying in thickness and on-demand jobs
  • All functionalities can be controlled via the GUI
Wide range of book thicknesses
  • Binds from 1 to 60 mm (0.04 to 2.36 in)
  • No pre-measurements required
  • Book thickness is automatically recorded during the loading process
Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • User friendly industrial grade color touch screen
  • Single GUI for entire finishing line can be connected wirelessly to any tablet, smartphone or computer
  • Easy to use interface
  • Control your entire finishing remotely
  • Remote diagnostics, statistics and much more
  • Check that the cover has been taken
  • Avoid binding without cover
  • Avoid reprints and waste
  • Vibration of the jogger plate re-aligns the block of paper to be bound
  • Ensures high quality perfect bound books
Superior milling and DEFIBERING
  • Power milling wheel with defibering for PUR applications (milling depth: from 0 to 3 mm – from 0 to 0.11 in)
  • Ensures deep glue penetration for maximum cover adhesion
paper dust collector
  • Gathers paper dust generated by milling/notching operation
  • No need for external dust removal
Nordson Compact
  • PUR binding (includes side gluing)
  • Glue capacity of 2 or 4 kg
  • Quality PUR bound books
  • Minimal glue loss with maximum productivity
  • Indicates when the glue tank needs to be refilled
  • Manage glue level more easily
  • Gain in productivity
Incorporated Side Gluing
  • Adjustable side gluing (accuracy at 0,1 mm/0.004 in)
  • Superior PUR-C side gluing for premier book binding
Knife creasing
  • Up to 13 positive/negative cover creases
  • Highest quality creasing
  • Able to create winged books
  • Enables to pre-program and schedule production
  • Gain time: no need to wait for the glue to be ready to operate
  • Fully automatic: no need to switch on the machine
Safety barrier
  • Light curtains guarantee operator safety while loading
  • Jobs are automatically processed when removing hands from loading area
  • Increases productivity and ease of operation while guaranteeing complete operator safety
double cover detection
  • Check that cover feeder takes one cover at a time
  • No manual check that only one cover has been taken
  • Avoid reprints and waste
Automatic barcode scanning
  • Each book block and cover will be scanned in order to guarantee book integrity
  • No setup required
  • Each job is checked in order to avoid reprints, also records each job for job tracking
  • No manual job setup
Bourg book reception module (BBR)
  • Stacks books vertically on the spine to allow the glue to dry in a perfect position
  • Large storage capacity
  • No production loss as it can be unloaded during job production
  • Guarantees book spine squareness


Air supply for pur-c system
Compressed air requirements 87 to 116 PSI / 6 to 8 BAR
Air consumption 50 l/min; the melter needs a flow rate a 30 Std L/min
Minimum air quality rating requirements ISO 8573.1 :2010 Class 1.7.2 (maximum particule size: 40μm ; maximum concentration: 10mg/m3 ; maximum Dew point: +7°C)
Maximum speed 650 cycles/hour
250-285 books/hour
(operator dependent)
Minimum cover size 100 x 201 mm (3.93 x 7.91 in)
Maximum cover size 385 x 750 mm (15.15 x 29.52 in)
Cover weight 80 to 300 gsm
Content *
Minimum paper size of books with cover (perfect binding mode) 100 x 90 mm (3.93 x 3.54 in)
Maximum paper size of books with cover (perfect binding mode) 385 x 380mm (15.15 x 14.96 in)
Book thickness 1 to 60 mm (0.04 to 2.36 in)
Milling depth 0 to 3 mm (0 to 0.11 in)
Paper weight 60 to 160 gsm
* Padding mode is not available with PUR version due to cure time
Dimensions of BB3002 (L x W x H) 202 x 135 x 150 cm
(79.52 x 53.15 x 59.05 in)
Dimensions BBR (L x W x H) 106 x 60 x 50 cm (41.73 x 23.62 x 19.68 in)
Dimensions of PUR-C (L x W x H) 30 x 55 x 110 cm
(11.81 x 21.65 x 43.30 in)
Weight of BB3002 650 kg (1,430 lbs)
weight of BBR 80 kg (176 lbs)
Weight of PUR-C 42 kg (92 lbs)
Glue capacity 2 or 4 kg
Cover station capacity / cover pile height 80 mm (3.14 in)
BBR capacity 700 mm (27.55 in)
Electrical / Acoustic
Power supply 208/220V ±10%, 60Hz, 3 phase delta, 12A

220/230V or 240V ±10%, 50Hz, 3 phase delta, 12A

380/400 or 415V ±10%, 50Hz, 3 phase star, no neutral needed, 12A

Power supply with PUR-C 230V ±10%, 50/60Hz, 2 phase delta, 10A

208V ±10%, 50/60Hz, 3 phase delta, 10A

Operational mode
Power consumption 2,500 W
Power consumption of PUR-C 2,200 W
Radiant heat 8,500 BTU/hour
Radiant heat with PUR-C 7,560 BTU/hour
Sound level 76 dB
Sound level of PUR-C 62 dB
Standby mode
Power consumption 1,000 W
Radiant heat 3,410 BTU/hour




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