Desktop Roll Laminators

Hot roll laminator designed for schools, offices or professional use.

  • Safety Device (Slide Latch) installed
  • Hot roller technology
  • Speed and Temperature control
  • Hot and Cold lamination
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Product Overview


Desktop Roll Laminators

Hot roll laminator designed for schools, offices or professional use. EXCELAM II has unique features including speed and temperature control, pre-set laminating functions with manually over-ride, roller pressure release, cold film setting and fixed open roller positions which allow efficient boardlami onto 5mm LAMIFOAM.

[Patent Specification]
1.The Laminator for laminating various kinds of film
2. Laminating film antistatic device



Superb laminating results with a wide range of Heat Seal laminating films from 32mic to 250mic. Features include variable speed, temperature and pressure control, LCD readout, Pre-set functions, mounting capability.

Improvement in temperature sensing by measuring directly off the hot roller surface with use of Non-Contact Infrared Optic sensor circuit. Accurate and stable temperature regulation allows the machine to perform lamination in a more professional fashion.

Improved user friendly features include easy detachment of plexi roller cover and employment of slide latch for loading and unloading front tray upon changing bottom laminating roll. EXCELAM II series is the perfect machine to produce a wide range of service in a copy shop environment or as in-house office laminator. Ideal for laminating posters, inkjet prints, leaflets and maps with superb results, and for truly professional BoardLami onto Lamifoam.


Laminating Speed(m) 1.5m/min
Laminating Width(mm) 355mm 655mm
Laminating Films 25mic~500mic
Substrate weight 80g/㎡~350g/㎡
Thickness Mount 5mm
 Front Roller Diameter  55mm
 Rear Roller Diameter  30mm
Power Requirements AC 220V-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 1400W, 6.0A 1700W, 7.0A
Warm Up Time 10min
Heating System Hot Roller Internal Infrared Heater
Operating Temperature 130℃ Max.
Speed Control Key Pad
Temperature Control Key Pad
Pressure Adjustment Manual(6Step)
Film Core 14-25WH
Cooling System Blower
Dimensions(WXLXH) 585 X 450 X 285 mm 885 X 450 X 285 mm
Type of Main Motor DC W-Geared Motor / 36V70
Stand n/a option
 Net Weight  30.3 kg  45.4 kg




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