Large Fomat Silver Halide Replacement System

  • Available 2 models 25" (635mm) and 44" (1120mm) width
  • Box type side cabinet(44")
  • Apply GMP Hybrid roller - Ultraprecision temp. control
  • Crank handle roller - pressure control(44")
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Product Overview


Large Fomat Silver Halide Replacement System

Large Format Photo Embossing Laminators

  • Photo quality effect by Large Format Silver Halide Replacement System
  • Various surface effects - Photo embossing, Canvas, etc. with embossing rollers
  • Economical priced thermal films replace the higher pricing PSA(Cold) lamination film
  • Available 10mm thickness board lamination(44")
  • Equipped unwinder for media roll more than 10m(44")
  • Heating roller is applied for perfect thermal and PSA(Cold) lamination.
  • Compact design & foldable feeding table(44")
  • 4 Rollers System - single side thermal lamination available
  • Photo quality effect for Inkjet, Latex, Digital prints (Photo Embo)
  • Ultra heatproof rubber for long lifespan of laminating roller
  • GMP PHOTOMASTER-44SHR / 44EMBO has patented Largeformat Silver Halide Replacement System for various surface effect on the laminated results including photo quality embossing lamination for normal paper.
    The laminator makes perfect lamination various embossing effect (such as photo, canvas, etc.) in continous job.
    In addition, the laminator can replace the high priced PSA(Cold) lamination film with the lower priced thermal lamination film






Max. Laminating Speed 5m/min.
Max. Laminating Width 635mm (25")
Laminating Films 25~500mic.
Substrate Thickness 80g/㎡~ 500g/㎡
Max. Roll Gap  10mm
Heating Roll Diameter
Embossing Roll Diameter
Power Requirements 220~240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 3000W, 12.5A 3300W, 14.5A
Warm up Time 20 min.
Heating System Hot Roller Internal Infrared Heater
Operating Temperature 150℃ Max.
Speed Control Jog dial
Temperature Control Jog dial
Pressure Adjustment Crank handle, ES system 
Film Core 77mm/Dual
Cooling System Chiller N/A 
Dimension (WXLXH) 1750 x 620 x 1320mm 1750 x 620 x 1320mm 
Type of Main Motor DC Geared Motor
Type of Rewinder Motor Link To Main Motor




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