MATT HARDCOAT Laminating Film

Thermal Laminating Films

OPP, PET, NYLON Ultra Hardness Matt Coating Film
MATT HARDCOAT Laminating Film is the soft matte film that gets unchangable in color with the characteristics of the matte effect and strong anti-scratch on it's surface, which prevents contamination such as dust etc and allows for long storage of prints.
Especially, preventable is the scratch easily made during the transportation and the work of the bookcover, luxurious electronic products, medicine, food, premium liquor etc.It also has the wide range of advertisement effects by keeping off the reflection of graphic sign.

  • Opp film capable of preventing scar for laminate film
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Product Overview

MATT HARDCOAT Laminating Film


  • Through over 3H of surface hardness, it prevents scratches and contamination.
  • Premium, elegant and soft matte image is expressed.
  • Hot stamping and UV varnish treatment are available.
  • Strong bond makes the post-processing on various prints easily.


  • Box Packaging for Food, Medical Supplies, Cosmetics, Premium Liquor
  • Children's Book cover, Stationary's cover coating
  • Document, Picture, POP signs, Indoor & Outdoor POP signs
  • Album Cover and Image Lamination, Schoolbook, Reference book, Library cover coating






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