• Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
  • Printing area 400x400x400 mm, one of the largest in the category
  • Anodized aluminum shell 45x45 mm radiated
  • Polycarbonate paneling
  • Closed Structure body, with front panel lock
  • Dual extruder
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Product Overview

One of the biggest printing areas

The printing area (40 x 40 x 40 cm) increases the possibilities of use within the company, to fulfil every need!

Full compliance with the quality and safety certifications and Regulations

Olivetti S2 has passed all tests required by the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC), for the full protection and safety of persons in the product life cycle different stages.

Mechanical and electronic industrial-strength quality

Olivetti S2 is able to manage heavy workloads and it is particularly suitable for a professional use.

Great flexibility in creating objects with a wide range of thermoplastic materials

wide range of thermoplastic materials including: PLA, PLA Layer, Rubber (TPU), SBC, special filaments (wood filament, carbon-fiber filament, marble filament)



Dual Extruder

Thanks to the dual extruder, Olivetti S2 allows

  • better realization and finishing of items with form "cantilever", by printing the support with soluble material.
  • printing of two-colored and / or formed from two different materials objects, without the need to suspend the printing to change the filament



Large heatbed surface made of tempered glass, for high operating temperatures


Linear guides with bearing balls for better precision


Big sizes, wide range of materials, different colors, unlimited applications


General characteristics

LCD Panel Features

The Olivetti S2 has a front 128x64 dot matrix LCD display. Here are the main printer operations controls that can be managed through the display:





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