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Backed by 10 years of experience, the CopiBook range kept on improving thanks to multiple innovations, enhancing technological performance and image quality over time. The fourth generation of CopiBook range has been designed to satisfy the most demanding end-users, especially in terms of image quality, productivity, robustness, and user-friendliness. This search for excellence corresponds to i2S strategy and endeavours. Image quality being at the core of i2S concerns, CopiBook OS is compliant with ISO 19264 standard, Metamorfoze Light and FADGI 3* image quality guidelines.

  • Image Quality
  • Productivity
  • Configurable
  • Open
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Product Overview

CopiBook Open System


Image Quality: compliant with the ISO 19264 standard, Metamorfoze and Fadgi***
Productivity: scan time in color <1sec
Configurable: select only the needed modules, make your scanner evolve over time
Open: create your own modules to complete the solution and match your need
Easy to Use: real time color preview before scanning
Connected: USB, Hard drive, LAN...

With its USB 3.0 71 Mpixels autofocus camera called Eagle, Copibook OS is one of a few scanners on A2 segment which is compliant with those standards. It comes with real time color previews, which allow to control the scan result before scanning. Scan can be done on the whole format or on multiple specific areas thanks to the possibility to manage multiple saving frames. The eagle camera is designed and produced by i2S; this is our latest technology and is the result of 37 years of experience in digital imaging and processing.

In order to better match end-users requirements, i2S made this new Copibook model an “Open System“. It means that it is configurable, open, easy to use and gentle.

CopiBook OS is driven by LIMB Capture software and can be easily connected to i2S LIMB software suite. It allows managing the entire digitization workflow thanks to LIMB Maestro, enriching images with LIMB Processing, and creating ready to publish images into LIMB Gallery, our digital library solution.

At last, the CopiBook OS fills your expectations and fits to your needs.


LIMB Capture allows saving simultaneously several formats with frames properties. Frames properties include file formats, destination and image processing.

LIMB Capture manages ICC profiles, in order to get a perfect color management of our images. Calibration is very easy and fine tune settings are accessible.

Scan can be done at 200, 300, 400 dpi up to 2xA3+ format and even at 600 dpi for smaller formats.

Product in details


- compliant with the ISO 19264 standard, Metamorfoze and Fadgi*** (300 dpi with EAGLE Camera)
- MTF at 300 dpi : 100% resolution efficiency (about 5.9lp/mm) with EAGLE camera
- MTF at 400 dpi: 85% resolution efficiency (>6.7lp/mm) with EAGLE camera
- depth of field : 9 cm (with EAGLE Camera)


- scan time in color (1sec)
- cycle time in color (3 sec, productivity ) 1000 p/h
- USB 3 connection: fast data transfer, the client can choose the computer
- images saved in hidden time


- select only the needed modules, make your scanner evolve over time
- the book cradle is mobile, to obtain a larger scan zone


- create your own modules to complete the solution and match your need


- driven by LIMB CAPTURE interface software for a better user experience
- real time color preview before scanning
- intuitive front touchpad, automatic glass, foot switch


- USB, Hard drive, LAN
- FTP, E-mail, Printer, Cloud (WebDAV), Google Drive, Dropbox (self-service interface)


- no moving parts and no mechanical shutter in the camera, fixed lighting
- self-balancing and motorized book cradle, pressure adjustment on glass plate


- automatic format detection before scanning
- automatic calibration
- scan launch when glass is down, self-opening glass after scanning


- delivered in a wheeled crate, easily movable through doors


- can be operated without glass plate, dedicated book support with V-shape accessory, non-dazzling LED lighting no UV, no IR, very low noise level



Type A2+ format planetary book scanner
Scan format 635 x 440 mm (400dpi), with glass and books up to 10 cm thickness
570 x 400 mm (400dpi), with glass open and books up to 20 cm thickness
720 x 510 mm (350dpi), without book cradle for documents up to 10 cm thickness
Scan mode Color, Grayscale, Black & White
Scan time <1 sec on A2 + format, 400 dpi in color
Cycle time < 3 sec on A2+ format, 400 dpi in color, TIFF Files
File formats TIFF (multipage) , JPEG, JPEG2000, BMP, PDF (multipage), PNG, DNG
Camera Eagle or E-HRIS / 71 Mpixels matrix sensor camera, auto-focus, no mechanical shutter
Maximum resolution 600 x 600 dpi
Optical resolution 400 x 400 dpi
Scanner interface USB 3.0


Interface software LIMB CAPTURE Software, operated by Windows 7 and higher


Dimensions (L x l x h) Scanner : 1002mm ( 39.42”) x 740mm (29.13”) x 1364mm (53.70”)
Book Cradle : 842mm (33.15”) x 720mm (28.35”) x 167mm (6.57”)
Weight Scanner (without Book Cradle) : 53 kg (116.53 lbs)
Book Cradle : 43 kg (94.80 lbs)
Power requirements 100v – 240v , 50Hz 60Hz
Certifications CE / FCC part 15 conformity
Low voltage electrical safety EN60950
radioelectrical disturbances
EN55022, EN61000 -3-2, EN61000-3-3
electromagnetic immunity EN55024


Accessories Removable book cradle with glass plate for up to 10 cm books, 100° book holder
Warranty 1 year on spare parts and software updates, extendable to up to 5 years




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