LIMB Maestro

Software solution for supervising digitization project

LIMB Maestro is a unique software solution planning, prioritizing and optimizing digitization projects at a same time.

  • Saving Time
  • Simple
  • Productivity
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Product Overview

LIMB Maestro

LIMB Maestro is a unique software solution planning, prioritizing and optimizing digitization projects at a same time.

With LIMB Maestro you can:

- Easily design your global digitizing process
- Plan your work and prioritize jobs
- Log all events and ensure communication among your team
- Monitor your project with real time reporting


LIMB MAESTRO is part of LIMB range, software suite creating the most complete set of solutions for your digitization process with advanced tools for:

- Scanning
- Processing with LIMB PROCESSING (single user) or LIMB Server (multi users)
- Publishing and Sharing with LIMB GALLERY


LIMB Maestro was designed to make digitization easier and more efficient. i2s DigiBook has accumulated experience of more than 30 years of digitization projects and digitization factory to provide the state of the art solution for supervising your entire process for any digitization projects.

LIMB Maestro offers several unique benefits for content owners or service bureaus such as:

Saving Time: An all in one software; centralizes all the activities done by each participant of the digitization process
Simple: A unique software supervising all steps: digitization, image processing and sharing (or archiving)
Productivity: Real time view on the productivity and project progress

Product in Details

Design & customize your workflow

With LIMB MAESTRO it is very simple to define the steps of your workflow and the flow for each steps by defining
- Conditions
- Pass/Fails actions
- Transition screen for operators
Typical Workflow cover the entire process for digitizing documents including steps such as the logistic, preparation of the documents, scanning, processing quality control and delivery.


Track your documents

It all starts with a barcode number assigned to each book, which is used throughout the whole digitization process. This tracking document is automatically updated according to the workflow activities you’ll have defined.
With a single scan of the book’s barcode, at any time each user can see the digitization progress status: like job history, list of tasks and priorities still to be completed.
Hence, each operator can leave comments or instructions on transition screens to share information with other operators.


Reporting module

LIMB Maestro fully manages your digitization project and in real time automatically generates activity and statistics reports…valuable information for measuring productivity, detecting possible scheduling delays, or even anticipating work delivery, like:
- Project progress
- Remaining document by steps (global or by projects)
- Processed image by steps over time to check productivity trends
- Statistics by users
- Statistics by Scanner family




BROWSER Limb Maestro is a full web solution and can be access using any web browser on PC, Tablet and mobile phone




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