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Full Rotary Letterpress

Quick change plate cylinder with gear, pre-registered impression drum for all printing stations etc, makes the fastest job set up speed for this type of machine in the world.

  • Labels
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Laminated Tube
  • IML, Lid, Box
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Full Rotary Letterpress

  • Quick job set up


    Quick change plate cylinder with gear, pre-registered impression drum for all printing stations etc, makes the fastest job set up speed for this type of machine in the world.

  • Higher resolution by lower cost:


    UV letterpress as main printing stations, not only the resolution is higher than flexo (assist printing station), dots and solid color can be in one plate / station printing (unlike UV flexo must use 2 plates / stations), but also the consumer cost (e.g. plate, ink etc) is much less.

    Use cold foil stamping glue applying by UV letterpress station can get better stamping effect (than flexo) also due to above reasons (e.g. thinner glue layer benefit for micro icon stamping etc).

  • Widest substrate types:


    Perfect tension control and electrostatic solution etc, is able to handle various printing substrates from 12u to 400u thickness (depends on substrate type).

  • Maximized applications:


    Your label’s total solution not only for pressure sensitive, glue applied, sleeving, in-mold etc labels, but also can be for booklet label (e.g. 6 layers, 3 folders etc), tube (e.g. tooth paste, facial cleaner), lid (e.g. yogurt, instant noodle cup), cone (e.g. ice cream), flexible packaging, capsules pack, drip bag etc. Food grand pack printing solution possibility.

  • Various combinations:


    Various combinations for machine units e.g. UV letterpress, UV flexo, UV rotary silk screen, back side printing, adhesive side printing, doubled color quantity (than printing station numbers) printing, cold foil stamping, laminating (none-adhesive film, with or without liner, with or without tension control etc), rotary die-cutting (face die-cut, bottom die-cut, kiss-cut, through-cut, perforating, embossing), flat-bed die-cutting (perforating, embossing), computer sprocket hole punching, rotary slitting (perforating), rotary sheeting, cool UV, chilled roller, EPC web guider (E+L), web cleaner, corona treatment, static eliminator, register camera & monitor (E+L), full inspection head & monitor (E+L Smart Scan), Remote ink control (AVT Mercury), CIP3 (artwork direct command inking from AVT), 1 or multiple unwinders, 1 or multiple shafts rewinders, Full automatic STS butt splicer & STR turret rewinder (for non-stop printing from Martin Automation), deliver stacking etc can be selected in one machine.





Specifications PW-260-R8C
Print station 8 sets
Flexo varnish print unit 1 set
Gearing 1/8” cp
Max. web width 260 mm
Max. printing width 250 mm
Unwind roll dia. Max. 800 mm
Rewind roll dia. Max. 800 mm
Print speed max. 100 m/min
Print Length
460.375 mm
190.5 mm
Power & Motors
AC Servo main drive motor
Ink kneading motor (8PCS.)
3.0KW – 3 Lamps
4.5KW – 5 Lamps
7.0KW – 1 Lamp
Corona Treater
10 kw
800 w
9.0 kw
22.5 kw
7 kw
1 kw
3 kw
Machine weight
Net weight
Gross weight
9,960 kgs
10,860 kgs
Machine Size (W*L*H) 300*600*233.5 cm




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