Monotech Systems brings SHINOHARA Sheetfed Offset Presses to India


Chennai, Aug 07, 2015: Monotech Systems, leading manufacturer and supplier of products and solution for printing and packaging industry brings SHINOHARA range of multicolor sheetfed offset presses for Indian market. This brand from Japan has earned top marks throughout its history for manufacturing products of quality, durability and cost performance.

T. P. Jain, Managing Director, Monotech Systems Limited says "We are excited to add Shinohara Offset Presses in our product portfolio. The Sheet-fed Offset market has shown strong rebound in recent past and the preference is for new machines. Shinohara offers a lot of value added features which will help us to position this product well in the market"


The product line include SHINOHARA 52/66/75/79/92 High Pile Series of presses that has been designed ground up aimed to give printers unprecedented levels of productivity, efficiency, operation and quality. Its high quality, high specification printing solutions will meet medium to large sized printing market need. These presses are equipped with SPC (Shinohara plate changer, advance technology feeder head, 7 o'clock cylinder alignment, plate cocking system, next generation type operation console, automatic wash up systems, precise delivery control, ink temperature control, registration system for high speeds, pre-set feeder and delivery option, in-line coating unit, drying systems, cold UV curing system, interdeck UV curing unit, tell edge guide system for optimum tension control, master and sub-gripper system for excellent registration etc.

Shinohara's leading edge technology is the Shinohara Perfecting System, which has been developed and refined since it was first introduced in 1979. It incorporates many patented advances made by Shinohara and offers exceptional register accuracy. Changeover from straight printing to perfecting is quick and easy.


The Shinohara 52 series brings a high level of quality and sophistication to the B3 (52cm) format. This series has all the features required for success in this sector, where short runs are common and quick job turnarounds are a must. Shinohara 52 machines include all the latest technology for automated make-readies, productivity and quality.

The Shinohara 66 series brings the ultimate in press technology for printers with a work profile suiting the SRA2 format, and ensures savings in comparison to the more common B2 format. The Shinohara 66 series has all the modern features you need to compete in the modern print marketplace including CIP integration, preset inking and much more.

B2 is one of the most popular press formats in the world. For achieving ultimate in quality with an innovative edge, the Shinohara 75 series is not just the right choice, it's now the most cost effective machine of its type on the market. Packed with all the right features to make a difference, the makes sense for today's B2 printer.

The Shinohara 79 series is a latest advanced press for printers in high-quality large format printing. It suits to the work profile of B2 Format.

Shinohara's 92cm (SRA1) machine is a great choice for serious commercial printers who seek the ultimate in quality but wish to maximize profits by improving efficiency and reducing waste. It offers full range of quality and productivity features, the 92cm format means 8 x A4 sheets can be produced more economically than on a B1 press.

Liu Xuezhi, Managing Director, Shinohara says "It's our pleasure to meet Monotech in Print China 2015 and cooperate with this company. India is a huge and serious competitive market, for large-scale equipment manufacturer, after sales service is the most important factor to get good sales performance. Monotech who is of professional teams and committed staffs will be sure to supply satisfied service to all Indian printers and meanwhile re-establish Shinohara branding in India market."

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