Three Knife Trimmer

The Structure of automatic mechanical arm is used for book output

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Three Knife Trimmer

1. The structure of book pushing book is used for book output(QS-100B)
2. The structure of automatic mechanical arm is used for book output(QS-100C)
3. The foot switch is equipped to control clutch(brake) alone, thus it is more convinient and safer to operate it manually
4. The fast-positioning cutter apparatus is used for front cutter and side cutter in order to reduce time of cutter replacing
5. The variable frequecy control is used for master motor and the counting device is used for book-out shelf , both of them display on screen clearly.



Model QS-100B QS-100C
Max. Cutting Size 420 X 300 mm 380 X 300 mm
Min. Cutting Size 80 X 80 mm 80 X 80 mm
Max. Height 100mm 100mm
Speed 17 - 25 times/min 20 - 28 times/min
Power 3.5 KW 4 KW
Dimension 1.94 X 2.17 X 1.6m 2.3 X 2.05 X 1.7m
Net Weight 1950Kgs 3000Kgs




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