Pixeljet 2512 RMO

Supports flexible media upto 2530mm wide with a roll diameter 250mm and upto 360kg in weight.

  • Roll to Roll Upgrade Kit
  • Automatic Anti-Crash Sensor
  • UV Varnish Solution
  • Mechanic Superiority
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Product Overview

Pixeljet 2512 RMO


Roll to Roll Upgrade Kit

Supports flexible media upto 2530mm wide with a roll diameter 250mm and upto 360kg in weight.

Automatic Anti-Crash Sensor

The safety anti-crash sensor design can detect the state of the media before hand and protect the print heads from a crush hazard. While the anti-crash sensor detects that the edge of media is tilted, the turbo flatbed printer will initiate an emergency stop to prevent print head from damage.

UV Varnish Solution

Optional varnish not only enhances the visual quality but also creates the tactile attribute of graphics. Users are able to apply varnish directly on graphics via print heads as either an allover coating or as a spot-high-lighting, giving your printings more vivid and brighter finishing.

Mechanic Superiority

Dual lead screw & dual guider broadside scanning mechanical structure, industry-leading machinery precision, table loading capacity of 45 kg/sqm automatic take off enables the printing on different sizes of media, auto detection of media, detection of origin, pneumatic medium jack-up system plus rolling bearings enables even a single person can load the large-format media easily.

White Ink Recirculation

White ink recirculation results in an effective elimination of ink starvation and protects print heads from clogging hazard..

Pressure & Ink Supply Control

Closed-loop automatic control, reliable printing quality, pneumatic control components from Japan delivers guaranteed quality.

Color Option

The machine can be configured as KCMY / KCMY LcLm / KCMY *2 and KCMY + W; moreover, the machine could spray with white color as bed or cover or spot-color printing.


Model 2512 RMO
Technology PIEZO Drop on Demand
Print Head Stainless Steel Industrial Grey Scale High Speed Print Head ( 7-35pl ) Ricoh Gen5, 1280nozzles, 30khz, Dual Port
Color 4 Color/ 2X4 Color/6 Color ( White & Varnish )
Resolution Up to2400 dpi
Printing Speed Upto 450 sq.ft
Material  Thickness 100mm Maximum
Drying System UV Mercury Lamp
Printing Area 2600mm x 1220mm for flat bed / 1800 mm Roll for RMO
Maximum Material Size 2700mm x 1300MM
Ink UV Curable Ink
Ink Supply System Automatic Negative Pressure System And Tank Capacity Of 2.5liters
Computer Control Windows 7 64bit 8gb Ram
Rip Software Photoprint / Onyx ( Option )
Power Supply 230V, 20A, 12KVA Single Phase
Dimensions 4830mm x 2470mm x 1580mm
Net Weight 1550kgs




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