Pixeljet UV Mini

UV Flatbed Printer

Pixeljet UV Mini is a high-value UV flatbed inkjet printer designed for small and medium volume printing requirements of ‘Promotional product market place’.

  • Industrial Y Structure Frame
  • Industrial Servo Motor
  • Ricoh Gh2220 Printheads
  • Negative Pressure System
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Product Overview

Pixeljet UV Mini

UV Flatbed Printer

Pixeljet UV Mini is a high-value UV flatbed inkjet printer designed for small and medium volume printing requirements of ‘Promotional product market place’. This effectively fills the gap between slow, light duty inkjet printers and the high-end, expensive in-line machines.

It is equipped with industrial, high resolution, piezo-electric gray scale print heads-standard with 5 Ricoh GH2220 heads. Its rugged, industrial design allows continuous printing, 24 x 7, week after week.

Pixeljet UV Mini is the best solution for small UV printing business enterprises and can accommodate a variety of printing materials owing to the highly efficient UV LED technology used for ink curing. It is designed to meet the increasing UV printer market for the business result that middle and small-sized enterprises can afford to get a UV printer to meet increasing market of personalized product.



Industrial Y Structure Frame

Constructed with industrial Y frame and structure,the machine is heavy duty and built to last.

Industrial Servo Motor

A high performance of industrial servo motor provides excellent control of the movement of the shuttle.

Ricoh Gh2220 Printheads

Latest Ricoh development of industrial GH2220 printheads makes continuous printing at altra-high quality and delivers excellent cost performance.

Negative Pressure System

Separate negative pressure system for white and color ink supply with digital control greater pressure pressure display gauges to increase printing speed and stability.

Vacuum System

The vacuum bed holds media steady to ensure stable printing. The vacuum system can be turned ON/OFF easily from the control panel by a button.

Mechanical Material Alignment System

Mechanical alignment point allows accurate and consistent media placement.

Emergency Stop Switches

Stop operation from any side of the printer

White Ink Circulation System

Keeps color particulates in motion in a bid to improve stability and dispersions of the pigments in the fluid reservoir and ink path.

Low Ink Volume Reminding System

When the ink volume is low, the alarm will light up and beep

Automatic height detection

Once the altimeter touches media, the carriage automatically adjusts itself to an appropriate height.

Ink back-flow protection

Once inks back-flow to negative pressure container, the system will automatically stop ink supply to protect negative pressure system;

Variable ink dot printing

Variable drops function provides 3 di‑erent drop sizes at once. It produces smooth and natural gradation, without granular appearance even in the 4-color mode. And it helps saving 30% ink.

Optional Features

Anti-crash system

Static Suppression Option

Benefits of UV LED technology:

UV LED technology is very eco-friendly solution with Zero emission of Mercurry, Ozone OR UVC rays. It is economical too, as there is very little maintenance like lamp replacement etc. It helps to reduce energy usage, offer consistent performance and have very long life cycle.

The state-of-the-art lamps facilitate ink curing at very high print speeds.

UV LED curing

The UV LED curing unit has an exceptionally long life and lower power consumption. With its low heat output, it can be used with print media susceptible to problems with thermal deformation or color changes. Producing very few VOCs and very little odor, it is both environmentally friendly and user-friendly and works well in indoor applications such as restaurants. It also produces no potentially destructive ozone during the printing process, which dramatically lessens any potential load on the environment.

Two-layer print function

Two-layer printing of separate white and full color layers is possible at the same time. A coating of white ink can be applied evenly at high accuracy to really bring rich and vibrant colors to life even more beautifully with transparent print media. Efficient Ink Usage

Automated Ink Circulation System dramatically lowers running costs and supports exceptional image quality even on long print runs. By preventing pigments from settling in the ink lines, it creates consistent ink density and reduces white and clear ink waste.

Continuous printing

when occurs to mass production, only need to preset the times of printing on software, when you need to start another time of printing, you only need to press the continuous printing button, no need operate the printer over and over again.


Accepts media up to 7cm thickness
Auto detection of media thickness
Supports wide variety of media – PVC, wood, glass, foam board, acrylic, tiles, metal, plywood, plastics etc.


Supplied with fully featured ColorPRINT RIP software -German ColorGATE
Printer Control Software (PCS)
High speed USB 2.0 interface

Operational environment:

Temperature 20 to 28°C, Relative humidity 40 to 70%


Single phase 220to 240V, 50~60 Hz, 7 Amps


Industrial construction:

Net weight – 450 kg (approx.)
Crated weigth: 490 kg (approx.)
Uncrated dimensions (in mm): 2150*2218*1132
Crated dimensions:2250*2350*1350


Technical specification
Model:Pixeljet UV Mini
Printhead 5×Ricoh Gh2220 industrial printhead Up to 6×printhead (Optional)
Structure Industrial Structure Frame with Heavy Duty Y-Bar
X&Y Motor High Quality Servo Motors
Maximum Print Size 100cm(Width)×160cm(Length)
Printing resolution 720×1200dpi/720×900dpi
Printing direction Uni and Bi-direction
Printing Technology Variable Dot Printing(Grey Scale Printing)
Media Table.Size 105cm(Width)×165cm(Length)
Max.Thickness 7cm with infrared Sensor Protechtion
Weight 30kgs
Ink type UV LED Curable Inks
Ink Color C,M,Y,K White(Standard), Varnish (Optional)
Ink Capacity 1500ml Bottle
Ink Supply System Negative Pressure System(NPS)with Automatic Ink Supply
UV Technology Daul UV LED Lamp
RIP ColorGate(Bundle Version)
Interface USB2.0
Power requirements 220-240V,50/60Hz
Assembled Dimensions 2150*2218*1132mm
Net Weight 450kgs
Printing Speed
Resolution 720×1200dpi 720×1200dpi
Number of Pass 8Pass 12Pass
Direction Bi-Direction Bi-Direction
Speed 5 sqm/h 3.7sqm/h




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